Strong Connections provides an opportunity for teachers to extend and consolidate their understanding of each child through one to one and small group activities.  Teachers will use the information gathered to facilitate planning to meet the individual academic and social/emotional needs of each student.  Strong Connections relates effectively with the HSD priority of “strengthening learning for all, through engaging instruction and meaningful assessment across the curriculum”.


 The following are both school and divisional priorities regarding Strong Connections:
1. Build teacher-student relationships and attachments
2. Enhance beginning of the year assessment for learning

Benefits for Student and Teacher
Teachers working individually and in small groups with their students in an atmosphere of support and encouragement have an opportunity to collect first hand information which includes the following benefits:
-Strengthening the attachment process to the teacher and classroom
-Building trust
-Having meaningful conversations
-Exploring problem solving strategies for academics and social situations
-Understanding their attitudes toward school and learning
-Understanding their abilities to reflect upon and set goals for their learning
-Building confidence as learners
-Discovering learning strategies they possess
-Assessing reading, writing, and mathematical skills

 What will it look like?
Two days are designated by HSD during which students attend school one day out of the two.  With half of the students present, teachers divide them up to allow each homeroom teacher the opportunity to meet one on one with each student to participate in relationship building and assessment activities.  Opportunities to gain a greater understanding of the student’s emotional needs are also provided.  These opportunities will allow the teacher to gather data about each student’s learning that may not be evident during whole class instruction.




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