Music Program Information 2019-2020 School Year

Woodlawn Early Years School has a proud legacy regarding our music program.  We are pleased to once again have Katie Smith Schroeder as our full time music teacher for grades 2-4.  Aimee Kroeker is also working as a music teacher for grade 1. She also uses music in her Kindergarten Music and Movement program. Please see the information below detailing our music programs for the current year.


Please know our children and the staff appreciate having you attend class presentations and special assemblies which take place at the school.  Please also be aware that due to the size of our school we always have a very full, crowded gym and cannot always fit everyone.  We apologize ahead of time.

Thanksgiving Assembly:
Mrs. Schroeder assists a grade 4 class with the planning/running of it.

Remembrance Day Assembly: Will be a whole school assembly.
Each grade will have a part to contribute and a song to share.

Christmas Concert:Kindergarten at Woodlawn.
Christmas Concert: Grades 3 & 4 at the SMC.
Will be a concert format featuring instruments, singing, and narration.
Each class will have something individual to share as well as whole group songs.

Christmas Caroling at SCU and Senior’s Homes: Grade 2’s

WSO Fieldtrips
Grade 1 will go in January.
Grade 4 will go in March.

SEMF: Local Festival
Grade 3/4 School choirs will be arranged and perform at the festival.
This takes place sometime in March approximately 1-2 hours.

Spring Programs: Grades 1 & 2
Grade 1 Spring Program will be held at the school gym on:  May 5, 2020
Grade 2 Spring Program will be held at the school gym on:  May 7, 2020
An afternoon dress rehearsal for the school with room for some guests will take place on each of the afternoons in the gym.
The evening concert will take place in the gym.
Each program will be approximately 45 minutes.

Talent Show: Grade 4’s will produce a talent show in June