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Woodlawn Early Years School – Mission

Woodlawn School is an environment where education and culture empowers our students to grow into caring, connected and contributing global citizens.

Belief Statements

  1. We believe that a school culture which builds strong RELATIONSHIPS with students and their families creates the conditions to improve student learning outcomes. We welcome, nurture and encourage positive communication and relationships.
  2. We believe in INCLUSION; meaning everyone is welcome, valued and safe. Every student is involved in every way possible.
  3. We believe we are teaching the CHILD FIRST and the curriculum second. We work on developing a “can do” attitude, self-esteem and belief in oneself as a learner.
  4. We believe that a strong emphasis on developing LITERACY skills sets the foundation for learning and success across all other environments.
  5. We believe that all forms of PLAY (educational, physical, creative, and free) must be included in the learning environment to engage the brain and foster critical thinking skills.


Woodlawn School is a Kindergarten to grade four Early Years School with 533 students.

We have a teaching staff of 35 Full Time Equivalents filled by 35 teachers including 3.5Learning Support; 1.5 Music, 1.5 Phys. Ed., 1.5 School Counselor and 2.0 Principals.

Support Staff include 1 head secretary, 1 part time secretary, 1 library clerk, 20 educational assistants, 1 head custodian, 2.5 evening custodial staff.

Principal: Karen Fraser
Vice-Principal: Tara Reimer

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